Firefly Fanbook
 Firefly Fanbook foreword Foreword and introduction from Garretplc, plus the completely and utterly unofficial errata for the core rulebook.
(8 pages)
 Firefly Fanbook Chapter 1 Chapter One: Expanded Traits, Rules for Readers, Cybernetics, Character Sheet, 3x3x3 sheet, Quick Look-up Tables.
(28 pages)
 Firefly Fanbook Chapter 2 Chapter Two: Newtech Goodies, Cortex Gear, Craptech, New Weapons and Ammo.
(23 pages) .
 Firefly Fanbook Chapter 3 Chapter Three: Collected Ship Traits, Revised Ship Pricing, New Ships (from Future Armada), Alternate Economics, Being Buzzed.
(34 pages) .
 Firefly Fanbook Cover Artwork For the completist: superb high res cover artwork from the studio of '11th Hour'.
 Bonus material:
 Firefly by Firelight Six tales of the spooky and supernatural in space, as recounted by the doomed crew of the Pride.